Bel-Air Residences Lipa: A House, A Home, and A Lot More

From the top-of-the-line appliances to the weathered copper bathtub. There’s tons of space, endless French doors and windows, designer furnishings, a bathroom for every bedroom and a lovely guest suite too. The custom stone veneer, the handcrafted chandelier — guests will ooh and aah when they walk through the door. Entertaining? Every weekend is an open-house party at this hideaway. Awww, my dream home! 

I have to work my ass off 20 times harder than I do now to get my million dollar dream home. Sometimes, dreams do come true but not at this time though. If you’re dreaming about a modern zen type of home where you can relax and have a stress free day with your family , a place to create priceless memoirs then  Bel-Air Residences is a dream come true for you.

Bel-Air Residences Lipa can be found in one of the best cities in the country. Your choices of house units range from townhouses to two-storey units with floor areas as big as 88 to 165 sq. meters, all designed under the concept of  “Modern Zen” architecture.

Andrea (Duplex)

88.00 sqm. Lot Area
86.00 sqm Total Floor Area

Samantha (single detached)

120.00 sqm. Minimum Lot Area
101.00 sqm Total Floor Area

Owners will enjoy amenities like their own basketball court, a jogging path, a playground for kids, barbeque area, multiple parks, a pool, a lanai, a gazebo and a Club House. Bel-Air Residences Lipa is near schools such as Ateneo School of Business, De La Salle University Lipa and many more. 

Alexandra (single detached)

165.00 sqm. Lot Area
139.00 sqm

Aside from being close to established hospitals like Lipa Medix Medical Center  and Metro Lipa Medical Center, the village is walking distance from major malls such as SM Lipa, Fiesta Mall, South Supermarket etc. Other leisure places like the Mt. Malarayat Golf Course, The Farm at San Benito and famous Batangas dive sites are minutes away also.

For more information, visit their website at and oh! I’m gonna get that round trip ticket to boracay! ;)



The package was delivered to Mia few days ago however I just got mine this afternoon. Busy work schedule, the only one to blame. It doesn’t matter though, I already have my bundle with me and thanks to Mia and her ultra kind friend who bought it for us during Chicosci’s launching. Happiness! :)

I know it’s upside down. Forgive me, I’m just happy.

I’ll write an album review very soon. It’s already late, I need to do the sleep thing so that I would be able to do the wake up early thing and do the work thing. 


I haven’t heard the whole album yet ‘cos my bundle is still with Mia and I’ll be getting it tonight and I’m so excited! I just listened to some of the tracks through soundcloud and I cannot tell how many times I’ve listened to Secret Weapon. I am totally in love with it and I can’t stop myself from clicking the play button. I’ll be writing an album review in few days :)

One Rock Overload

October 12, 2012. Another night to remember for all Cebuano gig-goers, huge OPM fans and to people who simply enjoy going to gigs. Disappointed with the thought of Tanduay not having a run for this year’s rockfest here in Cebu. Good thing Tanduay did not let us down. I just felt like my bag of water broke when I heard about the news that they’re coming in Cebu not only with the 5 Rock Royalties but with few other bands and artists! 

 I know I wouldn’t be able to use these tickets, I bought it for emergency purposes *wink

Started my day very early with tons of plans and surprises ahead of me. First destination, Parklane International Hotel to meet the whole Team 6 Cyclemind for the Kantahan and jammingan with Cocacola and 6 Cyclemind (details will be posted very soon, still have to wait for them to post the previous episodes.) Arrived at South Road Properties with Team 6 Cyclemind past 6 pm. 

Mia said I looked like a mother who’s overly attached to her child but I want the caption to be “I’m sorry, no pictures please” ;)

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